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AFS Airlines 15 May 83

Air India 1 Nov 79

Air Irvine 1 Nov 82

Air Tungaru 14 Jun 81

Alaska Airlines 14 Sep 70

Flying Tigers (various)

Inland Empire Airlines 1 Aug 79

Los Angeles Airways 11 Sep 61

Mid Pacific Air 01 Feb 85

Morris Air 04 Apr 94

National Florida Airlines (undated)

North American Airlines 15 Jan 82

Northward Aviation 30 Apr 72

SFO Helicopter Airlines 01 Aug 62*

Trans-Provincial Airlines 28 Apr 81

TriStar Airlines 11 Jan 96

Western Airlines 01 Sep 49

World Airways 1 Jun 80

*Courtesy of Björn Larsson at Airline Timetable Images; all other timetables from my collection. If you are interested in airline timetables then the Airline Timetable Images is the place to go!

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World First Scheduled Airline

The first scheduled airline was the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line. It operated between St. Petersburg and Tamp in 1913. It reduced the travel between the two cities from a day to 22 minutes.

For more information, please see the Wikipedia entry on the airline.



Airlines of the World

One of my main interests is commercial aviation. For those of you out

The DC-3 is the airplane that made airlines able to make money by flying passengers without a subsidy.

TransNorthern DC-3 landing at Anchorage 2011 (click for larger view)

Even now, over 75 years after it first entered service, the DC-3 is still flying and earning a living.

Michael Prophet has a great pictorial essay on surviving DC-3's.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

there who are too young to remember, flying use to be fun. There was none of the TSA crap you had to go through. Pilots were permitted to allow passengers into the cockpit. You got real food onboard. Luggage, at least the first two bags, didn't cost you anything to check in. The airlines didn't nickel-and-dime you to death by charging for every single thing.

My main interest in airlines is in their "Golden Age" - the 1950's and 1960's. Flying was fun back then. People actually dressed up to fly. Many families went to the airport on a Sunday afternoon just to watch the planes. You got real food

onboard. You didn't have to go through so-called security to board the airplane.

Historical Airlines

Some of the greatest airlines are sadly no longer around. Many of them have websites written by former employees that chronicle these great airlines.

  • Flying Tigers 747
  • Private B727
  • Beech 18
  • Air Molokai Cessna 402
  • Air Molokai/Tropic Airlines DC-3
  • Hawaiian Air DC-8-62 - Aviation Photos, Production Lists and more Western Connie