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Use this handy-dandy Amazon search box to find anything you need on Amazon or go to one of the stores below.

Amazon Prime - a great deal! You get free 2-day shipping with no minimum purchase amount, thousands of videos to watch for free, and, many other benifits. You also get many videos available only to Amazon Prime members. For example, Join Amazon Prime - Under the Dome Season 2 - Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Castro Valley - your one-stop shop for books and merchandise on Castro Valley and the surrounding areas


Computers, Gadgets, and Televisions Whatever you need from mice to high-end computers to the latest digital TV, you're bound to find it here


Are you prepared for the next major disaster? The Disaster Preparedness Store will help you get the supplies you need for the next major disaster.

jetAirlines Books and more on one of the most dynamic industries in the world. For more information on airlines check out my airline page.

Astronomy An out-of-the-world subject  

Books and Movies Yes, we have a book and movie for that!

Images of America Fantastic books covering the history of America through pictures. Many times they are written by local historical societies. The Images of America Series covers just about every part of America. Below is a very small sampling of the books.

golfballGolf A great sport and this is a great place to get all of your golfing needs.