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My name is David Ross. I am a computer specialist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have eclectic interests. I'm sure you'll find something that will interest you here. If you want to leave a message do so on Tweeter. Use the link on the right to contact me.

Commercial Aviation

One of my interests is the airline industry. I especially enjoy the "golden age" of airlines of the 1950's and early 1960s. Flying was an adventure back then. People dressed up to fly someplace. The airilnes were in the business of providing the best service thy could. The airlines were highly regulated so the only thing they could really compete on was service.


A subject I enjoy that is literally out-of-this-world is astronomy. Isn't it fantastic that a spacecraft has finally landed on a comet?

The New New Horizons Logo Horizons spacecraft is almost at Pluto! I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what this spacecraft will discover when it reaches Pluto. It is expected to fly by Pluto about 11:47 UTC. That's only The nearest approach will be 13,695 (8,510 miles).

The spacecraft is designed to fly by other Kuiper Belt objects after its encounter with Pluto. If it survives, New Horizons will follow the Voyager spacecraft and explorer the heliosphere.

Another exciting mission is Dawn. Dawn's mission is to study Vesta aDawn patchnd Ceres, two of the three protoplanets in the Asteroid Belt.

Other Stuff

I enjoy travel. But I don't necessarily want to see the major tourist attractions. I want to see the odd, unusual, and unique places. Roadside America is a great site to find these places. I also recently took my first cruise. I found out it was a great way to vacation.

Cats make great pets. I've enjoyed the companionship of cats most of my life. They are so much fun.

I think online shopping is the best thing to ever happen in the world of commerce! Check out my favorite online shopping site.

moneyWant to know where your money goes? Enter your currency serial numbers into the Where's George database. You can enter any denomination of American currency. someone else also enters the bill you can find out where it has been.

Project Gutenberg is a great place to get thousands of books at no cost. The volunteers at Project Gutenberg have converted to eBook formats many books. You can also access several classics and interesting books from Project Gutenberg here.

Live theatre is a great form of entertainment. I've always considered actors on stage to be better than film actors. On stage you can't just yell "cut!" and redo a scene like you can on film. A really great community theatre is Chanticleers in Castro Valley.

I like to travel.It's great to be able to point the car that-a-way and just go down the road to see where it leads to. Many interesting places have been found by doing that.

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