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A little about me: My name is David. I discovered I enjoyed being nude, especially in social settings, when I was in my late teens. That's over 40 years ago. I'm a member of a nudist club in the San Francisco Bay Area called the Sequoians. I'm also a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation.


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So, what is social nudism? Above all, it is not a bunch of naked people engaging in sexual activities. Rather, it is people who gather together to enjoy common, everyday activities such as socializing, swimming, hiking, cooking, reading, playing games, and other activities. The only difference is that it is done without clothing being worn.

By the way, once you've gone swimming in the nude you'll never want to put a bathing suit on again! The water flowing over your body without interruption from clothing is great.

This is my story: Donna's story of going from a reluctant nudist to fullly embracing the nudist lifestyle.

So why would I want to go around naked? First of all, I truly believe that of all of God's creations, the most beautiful is the human body. Regardless of its shape, regardless of the number of wrinkles, regardless of the color of the skin, the human body is beautiful. Why hide it? Would you buy a beautiful Rembrandt picture and the cover it up with a cloth? No, of course not. Then why do the same with your body?

Going nude also eliminates class distinctions. When all are nude you can't tell if a person is a captain of industry or a fast food worker.

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Haulover BeachWho are nudists? Nudists come from all walks of life. They are engineers, scientists, mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, young, old, just starting a career, retired, etc., etc., etc.

Give social nudism a try! It's really simple - just take your clothes off. Yes, you may be nervous when you first unrobe in front of others. But, soon you will forget that you are nude. You are too busy enjoying the company of friendly people.

Montsde bussyWhere can you go nude? Clubs, beaches, national parks, national forests, and many other places. For a listing of clubs that belong to the AANR click here.



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Public nudity is tolerated in many European countries.

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